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Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm Systems in Brighton

Our team of fire alarm system specialists have all been trained to the highest industry standards and have expertise in all areas of our fire alarm systems. All the alarm systems we install will be fitted in accordance to the highest industry standards.

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Our fire alarm systems include some of the following products:

Fire & Smoke Detectors

Fire alarm detectors are the definitive components in fire protection and offer the earliest signal that fire has broken out.

Call Points

A great way of protecting your property from fire and providing a way of activating the central fire alarm manually.


We provide flashers and sounders with deliver different ways. These are the warning signs which help to alert people to the outbreak of a fire.

Radio Fire Alarms

Where a fully wired system may not be easy to fit we also provide wire free systems to allow us to fully protect your building.

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Fire Alarms Brighton

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